Dr. Jerome Aya-Ay on the Direct Primary Care Model

Palmetto Proactive Healthcare’s Dr. Jerome Aya-Ay recently appeared on the Southeast Healthcare Leadership Brief where he discussed Thriving in the New Normal and the importance of the direct primary care model.

About Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry

Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry is a direct primary care family medicine practice that provides both individual patient and employer healthcare services under the leadership of Justine DeCastro, MD.

We do not contract with outside parties that may influence the outcome of your healthcare. As a result, we dedicate our efforts to your care while keeping the cost of care affordable and always transparent and known to our patients. Our service model also means shorter wait times, longer visits if necessary, and, above all, better outcomes. 

Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry is part of the wider Palmetto Proactive Healthcare network.