Pricing for Services

Pricing for Services

A comparative view of our service pricing for P3 members vs. non-members

Reasonable & Transparent Pricing

Palmetto Proactive is a healthcare practice built to serve people, not insurance companies, through the direct primary care model. Because we are focused on the individual, we are able to treat the unique health needs of people who have very different financial situations.

Save With a P3 Membership

With our Proactive Patient Program (P3), you will have access to all of the preventative care you need to stay well and stay healthy for $70 per month.

Regular Service Pricing

Whether you want to become a P3 member or you’d prefer to use our à la carte services and pricing, you can count on Palmetto Proactive to always be transparent about our pricing.

Common Services P3 Members Non-Members
ECG / EKG $0 $50
Office Visit $0 $80
Physicals $0 $30
PPD - 1 Step $0 $30
Rapid Strep $0 $20
Urinalysis (UA) $0 $20
X-Ray $0 $60

Service & Price Not Listed?

Is there a service or price not listed? Get in touch with us to learn more.