Dr. Justine DeCastro talks with Steven Huskey on the Portfolio Pulse Podcast

Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry’s Dr. Justine DeCastro was recently interviewed by Steven Huskey (Huskey Financial) on the Portfolio Pulse Podcast, where they discussed the Direct Primary Care model for healthcare.

Exploring Direct Primary Care & Practice Models – Dr. Justine DeCastro

Dr. Justine DeCastro joins us on the show to discuss her thoughts on the different solutions in healthcare for patients. As owner of Palmetto Proactive Charleston, we learn about Direct Primary Care (DPC) as an overall philosophy that aims to form a relationship between you and your physician without having third parties (insurance, government) involved. 

Direct Primary Care benefits patients by providing substantial savings and a greater degree of access to, and time with, physicians so relationships can be built organically.

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Season 1, Episode 10 – Portfolio Pulse Podcast

About the Portfolio Pulse Podcast

Portfolio Pulse is described as the go-to podcast for medical professionals and entrepreneurs hoping to learn more about achieving financial wellness, accumulating wealth, and building the life they deserve.

In each episode, the host, Steven Huskey, will either interview a purpose-driven leader or medical professional that is not only building a business, but giving back to the community as well, or present a subject in finance that is relevant today.

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About Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry

Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry is a direct primary care family medicine practice that provides both individual patient and employer healthcare services under the leadership of Justine DeCastro, MD.

We do not contract with outside parties that may influence the outcome of your healthcare. As a result, we dedicate our efforts to your care while keeping the cost of care affordable and always transparent and known to our patients. Our service model also means shorter wait times, longer visits if necessary, and, above all, better outcomes. 

Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry is part of the wider Palmetto Proactive Healthcare network.