Healthgram Partners with Palmetto Proactive

Healthgram announces its new partnership with Palmetto Proactive to provide direct primary care services to select South Carolina Employers

The combination of Palmetto Proactive’s exemplary primary care services coupled with Healthgram’s industry expertise and Electronic Medical Record system, will provide select South Carolina employers with immediate access to high-value, personalized primary care for their employees, with actionable insights and real-time analytics.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the practice of delivering high-quality, physician-led care to employees, independent of traditional employer-sponsored insurance. DPC helps employers mitigate risk and control healthcare costs. Healthgram’s Chairman and CEO, David Tate, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. T. Hayes Woollen, are excited to collaborate with Palmetto Proactive’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jerome Aya-Ay on this endeavor.

Visit Healthgram’s website to learn more about Direct Primary Care and keep an eye out for additional information about this exciting new venture.

About Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry

Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry is a direct primary care family medicine practice that provides both individual patient and employer healthcare services under the leadership of Justine DeCastro, MD.

We do not contract with outside parties that may influence the outcome of your healthcare. As a result, we dedicate our efforts to your care while keeping the cost of care affordable and always transparent and known to our patients. Our service model also means shorter wait times, longer visits if necessary, and, above all, better outcomes. 

Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry is part of the wider Palmetto Proactive Healthcare network.


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