About Us

About Us

Information about the practice, the team and the services we provide

Palmetto Proactive Healthcare is a direct primary care (DPC) clinic that places the physician – patient relationship first. We value primary care and emphasize the importance of preventing diseases before they arise. We do not accept health insurance, nor do we process insurance claims. We feel that primary care and preventive medicine should be affordable and available to everyone. 

Quick Access

Our clinic provides multiple options to receive care including a low cost membership program allowing the time you need during your visits, no limit to the number of visits you have, quick access for appointments and multiple avenues of communication including phone calls, virtual visits, email and text messages.

In addition, you have the option to pay a low cost per visit. 

Direct Primary Care

As a direct primary care provider, we focus on you and your health without the influence of unnecessary third party restrictions. We see far fewer patients than a traditional insurance-based practice so we can provide you the best care possible.

Individuals and Families

Who We Are

We’re exceedingly proud of the caring team we’re building in the Lowcountry and we think you’ll love getting to know them too.

  1. Justine DeCastro, MD
    Justine DeCastro, MD
    Direct Primary Care Physician
  2. Alexis Parolin
    Alexis Parolin
    Business Development

We believe that being a good citizen and neighbor is essential to being a good healthcare provider. That’s why Palmetto Proactive Lowcountry’s team members contribute their time and talents to a number of efforts and organizations in the communities we serve.

What You Can Expect

We provide care for individuals and families in addition to employer healthcare services, and you can save money with a Proactive Patient Program membership.

  1. 2020 Best Primary Care Doctor
  2. Mt Pleasant Chamber of Commerce
  3. Alignable
  4. 2020 Runner Up Mom's Choice